How Do You Make A Mobility Scooter Go Faster

How Do You Make a Mobility Scooter Go Faster

A mobility scooter is a vehicle equivalent to a power wheelchair, which is built like a motor scooter. In this day and age, this electric vehicle is greatly admired by the elderly or people with any physical disability since it enables them to perform their day-to-day chores without the aid of others and grants them newfound freedom and independence.

Seeing that a mobility scooter is a medium of motion for people with difficulty in proper mobility, speed isn’t a central factor. That’s the reason why it comes with a limited speed, as high speed might be problematic for disabled folks.

If you think that your mobility scooter is a bit too slow for your liking, you don’t need to get a new scooter for that. Without spending too much money, you can do some simple things at home to make a mobility scooter go faster. In this blog post, we will look over a few ways by which you can boost the speed of your mobility scooter quickly.

Common ways to boost the speed of a mobility scooter

Mobility scooters commonly have low speed because they are devised for physically weak people. Sometimes due to low speed, you can get bored and lose interest in your ride. To make the ride attentive and interesting, you may desire a little faster pace. For this reason, we have discussed the following steps by which you can quickly speed up the mobility scooter and enjoy a pretty fast pace.

1. Adding powerful battery to mobility scooter

To make the mobility scooter go faster, you should add a powerful battery to it. It will help you amazingly in speeding up your mobility scooter. By adding a powerful battery, you will see great results, and you can easily do this by replacing the battery with a powerful one.

You can also add an extra battery to the mobility scooter. Usually, it does not help too much in speeding up the mobility scooter, but it will maintain the scooter’s speed for a very long time.

If the mobility scooter has a speed limiter, you must remove it before adding a powerful battery and then see the changes. Adding a new powerful battery is always accessible and cheaper than buying a whole new scooter.

2. Removing the speed limiter

There are some kinds of mobility scooters that are equipped with a powerful engines. However, since they are responsible for the mobility of physically disabled people, as we have mentioned earlier, they have a limited speed. That’s the reason why the manufacturers added a speed limiter to this vehicle.

So, if you are interested in making the mobility scooter go faster, you can simply remove the speed limiter. Removing the speed limiter is not easy without getting help from a professional, and you may damage your vehicle if you don’t know the proper way to perform this task.

Furthermore, once the speed limiter is removed, you will no longer have any warranty from the manufacturer.

3. Change the sprockets

Changing the sprockets also helps to boost up the speed of the scooter. You can add bigger sprockets to the front and smaller to the back of the mobility scooter. Changing the sprockets is also tricky, so you cannot do this without any experience. Though, with the help of an expert, you can easily change the sprockets.

4. Reduce the weight from the mobility scooter

If you will put too much baggage on your scooter, the speed will drop off. You can go faster if you remove the extra weight from your vehicle. With less amount of weight, your scooter can become incredibly fast.

5. Changing the tires

Typically mobility scooter is equipped with air-filled tires. You can exchange these air-filled tires with airless tires. Airless tires will help in reducing the friction, and due to less friction, you can experience better speed on your mobility scooter.

6. Rewinding the motor of the scooter

A mobility scooter has a motor with a complex mechanism. Rewinding the motor of the mobility scooter makes the scooter move fast. For better speed, you can rewind the coil of the brushed motor, and as the winding per coil decreases, the speed increases. Be careful while doing this because it is a highly complex and advanced process, which can cause an impact on the motor.

7. Increase aerodynamics

You will probably have accessories on the scooter while riding; so, if you’ll rearrange those accessories, you can make a great difference in speed. For example, if you have placed a basket on the front, relocate it to the backside of the scooter. It will instantly decrease the drag force by which you can quickly boost the speed of your mobility scooter.

Final verdict

The mobility scooter is so popular nowadays. Mobility scooters work as a companion for challenged people, who are dependent on other people for their daily life activities. Therefore they typically come with low speed.

In this blog post, we have discussed some ways by which you can make a mobility scooter go faster. Be careful while following any of the above-listed steps, as you may damage the vehicle if you do it wrong.

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