Why are Mobility Scooters So Expensive

Why are Mobility Scooters So Expensive

Mobility scooters are available at various prices, ranging from $900 to $63,000. A decent mobility scooter can cost around $1,000 to $27,000 which is a significant amount for a micro-mobility vehicle. You must be wondering what makes these mobility scooters so expensive. Well, the scooters have multiple components and factors that affect the cost. Besides, the manufacturers of the scooters also invest a ton of capital into the research of the little vehicle and the development and enhancement of its features.

If you want to know more about why are mobility scooters so expensive, then continue reading. In this article, I’ll discuss all the factors and components that affect the price of a mobility scooter.


mobility scooter batteries

The battery is the most expensive part of a mobility scooter. It makes up to 30% of a mobility scooter’s price. The performance of the mobility scooter heavily depends on the battery. They require quality multiple-celled batteries for a long duration of the performance.

Mainly, the batteries used in mobility scooters are Gel batteries which are long-lasting and are used in most scooters. AGM batteries are also used, which are the most expensive batteries because they use newer technology. They don’t spill, don’t need maintenance, and are shock-resistant.


mobility scooter motor

Although the motor of a mobility scooter isn’t as costly as a battery, it is important for a seamless performance. This component of the mobility scooter converts the chemical energy of the battery to kinetic energy to roll the wheels of the scooter. Thus, the motor needs to be robust and shock-resistant to provide a comfortable ride on the mobility scooter.

Mobility scooters mainly use DC brush or brushless gear motors that help in achieving long-term performance. The ElectroCraft MP or MPS series gear motors are specifically designed for mobility motors that deliver a smooth, and controlled power.

Other Top-Notch Components

Apart from batteries and motors, the other components of a mobility scooter must also be of top quality to ensure comfort to its users. Components, including tires and brakes, need to be well-constructed so that they perform seamlessly for a long time.

These components greatly affect the price of a mobility scooter, for example, the metal frame construction of the mobility scooter can cost up to 8% of the price.

Research and Development

As mentioned earlier, manufacturers have to constantly invest a vast sum for research to bring out the best versions of mobility scooters. They continuously research on components, controllers, and hardware.

Afterward, capital is also needed to develop these components, hardware, controllers, and many other things. Specifically, the components of the mobility scooter are expensive to develop as they must be constructed and designed in a specific shape to suit the scooter.

Shipping Cost

The shipping or import cost of mobility scooters is also pretty high, especially in the European Union, where you may have to pay as much as around 25% of the total cost of the mobility scooter. Another reason for the high shipping cost is the weight of these scooters. They are very weighty which increases the shipping cost.


Although the prices of mobility scooters are very high, recently they have been dropping down. This is because there has been an increase in the demand for such scooters in the market in the last two years. Also, the costs of batteries have been decreasing as newer technology is becoming common among manufacturers.

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