How to Charge a Mobility Scooter Battery Without a Charger

How to Charge a Mobility Scooter Battery Without a Charger

Mobility scooters are becoming more common day by day as many consider them to be one of the most economical forms of transportation. These scooters use batteries as their power source, which is also why batteries are considered the most important component in a mobility scooter.

The batteries need to be fully charged every time you use your mobility scooter. We know it can frustrate to have an empty battery, especially when you have to urgently go somewhere. Your frustration can double up if you don’t have a charger at the moment. But what if I tell you that you can charge your mobility scooter battery without a charger?

If you want to know more about it, read this article. I will guide you through the steps to instantly charge the battery without a charger. You will use a Portable Car Jump Starter to charge the battery because it is very common in every household and very convenient to use. 

You need 6 easy steps to charge a mobility scooter without a charger.

  • Step#1- Remove the Battery
  • Step#2- Remove the Bolts/Screws
  • Step#3- Remove the Positive and Negative Wires
  • Step#4- Connect the Portable Car Jump Starter
  • Step#5- Switch On the Car Jump Starter
  • Step#6- Disconnect the Car Jump Starter

Let’s start…

Step#1- Remove the Battery

The first step is to remove the battery from your mobility scooter. Make sure to let your mobility scooter cool down if it isn’t, because it may burn your hands if the batter is too hot. Removing the battery from the scooter also prevents any overheating in the battery, which may damage the mobility scooter. Recharging the battery while it is hot may also drastically decrease its lifespan or even damage it permanently.

Step#2- Remove the Bolts/Screws

After you have safely removed the battery from your mobility scooter, remove the screws and bolts that hold the plate of the battery.

Step#3- Remove the Positive and Negative Wires

Remove the positive and negative wires of the battery to disconnect it. These wires are usually connected through clips, so you just have to carefully squeeze the non-metal part of the clip and remove it from the battery.

Step#4- Connect the Portable Car Jump Starter

After you have disconnected the battery, make sure to place the battery in a dry, cool place, as doing otherwise can damage the battery or other electrical components. To connect the battery with a portable car jump starter, connect the red wire with the positive port and the black wire with the negative port. Make sure to connect the wires properly because if they are loose, they may start sparks and damage the battery permanently.

Step#5- Switch On the Car Jump Starter

After the wires are safely connected, turn on the car jump starter. This will start charging the battery. To have the battery fully charged, charge it for around 20 minutes. Make sure not to disconnect the wires while the battery is charging as it can cause electric shocks if you touch it or damage the battery.

Step#6- Disconnect the Car Jump Starter

As the battery is charging, you may look at the charging levels. Once you think that the battery is fully charged, unplug the black wire from the negative port and the red wire from the positive port. With this, your mobility scooter is fully charged and good to go!


After reading this article, you must be able to charge the battery of your mobility scooter quite easily. Different mobility scooter models will have different types of batteries, though, so the steps may slightly vary. Make sure to prioritize safety above everything while you carry out these steps.

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