How to Put Stunt Pegs on a Stunt Scooter

How to Put Stunt Pegs on a Stunt Scooter

Scooter stunt enthusiasts all around the world are looking for creative ways to perform better tricks on their stunt scooters. They were blessed with stunt pegs, which are basically metal rods that are installed on the central hub of the front or back wheels, depending on the type of trick you want to perform. These add-on components of a stunt scooter allow scooter riders a new axis and angle to execute better stunts and tricks.

Usually, you will need to put stunt pegs on a stunt scooter yourself. It can become complex and tough to do if you don’t know about it. But this is what I am here for! In this article, I will guide you in a step-to-step process about how to put stunt pegs on a stunt scooter. Without any further ado, let’s dive straight into the article.

1- Choose Your Pegs

Firstly, you need to correctly choose the pegs that you want to install on your stunt scooter. There is a big variety of stunt pegs in the market, with unique designs and colors. They are usually made of alloys or steel.

While buying your favorite stunt peg from the market, make sure they are compatible with your stunt scooter and provide a smooth performance. You can also go to the market on your scooter and test out different stunt pegs, choosing the most suitable one.

You will also have to buy Allan Keys if you don’t have them at home, for installing the pegs.

allan keys

2- Remove the Axle

After you have bought the stunt pegs and gathered the equipment needed for the installation, remove the axle from the front or back wheel. This is where you will have to use the Allan Keys I talked about earlier.

Place the Allan Keys into the bolts of the axle and turn it so that it un-tightens. While turning, make sure that your arm and the Allan Key are in a comfortable position and perpendicular to the bolt so that it doesn’t cause any strain on your arm and the bolt un-tightens with ease.

Tip- The spacers will fall out as you un-tighten the bolt. Place the spacers in a safe place so that it doesn’t get lost, as it can easily get away from you. After you have removed the axle, the wheel will come out.

3- Put On the Pegs

After you have removed the axle and the wheel, you can put on the stunt pegs on your stunt scooter. Put the axle through the peg, then put it on the side of the wheel where you’d like to have the stunt peg.

4- Put the Things Back

This step can be a bit tricky as you will have to connect the wheel, the axle, and the spacer at the same time. It can become quite difficult for you to put back all these things at the same time. Instead, you can put the peg-axle back and hold it using the spacer. Then, pass the wheel through the shaft of the scooter, while holding the peg-axle using the spacer.

5- Tighten the Bolt

This is the last step, where you just have to tighten the bolt using the Allan Keys. Again, make sure that you are using the Allan Keys correctly. Remember to not apply too much pressure as it can distort the bolt. With this, you have successfully installed your stunt peg on your stunt scooter.


You can now execute all your favorite tricks and stunts and stun the crowd. If you face any difficulty while putting on stunt pegs on your stunt scooter, reach out to us and we will gladly help you. Do tell us about your amazing experiences with your stunt scooter in the comments below!

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