How to Install Intercom in Motorcycle Helmet

How to Install Intercom in Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle intercoms have become much desired recently. People want their life to be smooth and free of complications, mostly bike riders. But now digital technology is making it trouble-free, secure, and comfortable for bike riders. Motorcycle intercoms have been invented so that one can have a safe conversation while on the road or enjoy their favorite tracks.

So, in this article we will guide you on How to install intercom in motorcycle helmet without any hassle. Without any further ado, lets jump straight into the article.

Installation of intercom in your motorcycle helmet

Normally, motorcycle intercoms consist of a microphone, speakers, and the main intercom unit. Now in order to install the intercom accurately, instructions have been given below;

Examine the helmet

First, you have to examine your helmet and check if your helmet is suitable for the parts of the intercom without causing any sort of pain and discomfort. Make sure your helmet padding consists of speaker pouches on both sides to fit the speakers perfectly.

Detach the padding

After inspecting the helmet, now that you know your helmet is suitable to assemble the speakers and microphone. Now remove the inner cheek pads of your helmet. Look into your helmet’s cheek pads and make sure that they are suitable enough to fit the intercom audio speakers.

Installation of audio speakers

After removing the internal cheek pads of your helmet, check your speakers as speakers are of two types.

  1. One that comes with adhesives or features glue on the back side.
  2. The second type has a Velcro on the back side.

In the option of what you have, begin with fitting the audio speakers in the speaker bags of your helmet padding. Sometimes, speaker pieces can be a bit larger than the pouch dimension. So under those circumstances, make cuts in your padding consistently and then fit the speakers with adhesives or Velcro.

If your helmet does not come with a speaker pouch, no need to get worried because most intercoms come with an adhesive Velcro mount. You can put the Velcro mount to the side of your helmet and attach the speakers to them. Moreover, use audio speaker covers if they comprise your intercom device.

Connect the intercom mount

Some of the top-drawer intercom devices come with the following types of mount;

  1. Mount type
  2. Desk mount
  3. Flush mount
  4. Surface mount
  5. Wall mount

After fitting your speakers you have to attach the intercom mount gradually and carefully to the cheek area on the side located between the padding and the external shell of your helmet and fit it. If your helmet has any loose space, use the adhesive mount to accommodate.

Attaching the microphone in your helmet

Now to install the microphone in your helmet, inspect the style of your helmet.

  1. If your helmet is a full face, then attach the adhesive pad for the microphone on the chin bar of your helmet. After attaching the microphone, attach the corded microphone to the adhesive pad and conduct the cord through the helmet’s internal rim.
  2. If your helmet is an open face or modular, then install the two Velcro pads to ascend the microphone to the cheek area located on the left. Now for a perfect fit, make sure to use the adjustable pad.
  3. If you have a half helmet style, then use a mic cradle kit. It is sold separately. After that, attach the boom mic to the audio cradle. When you’re done with attaching the mic, connect all of the wires and reinstall all of your helmet padding to its indigenous position.

Make sure that the microphone is directly in front of your face and on the correct side so that the audio acceptance is comprehensible and easy to understand.

Obscure the wires

After installing all the intercom parts flourishingly, detach all the padding and under the padding secure all the wires. Reattach the center linear and cheek pads

Caution- Do not ignore this part because wire should not come in your way when you are wearing or taking off your helmet. It can be dangerous.

Turn on the main module

Now, put the main intercom module on the mount and enjoy having fun and talking with your fellows as well as listening to music for hours on end without any discomfort or trouble.

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