Best Motorcycle Boots for Short Riders

Best Motorcycle Boots for Short Riders

For short riders, riding a motorcycle can be a daunting experience. To think of controlling the heavy bike and steering it can be frightening. Heck, your feet might not even reach the foot gear shift or the ground after you are seated on the motorcycle. This makes it hard to ride a bike if you are shorter than average.

But nothing can stop you from riding a motorcycle. If you are a short rider, you do not have to worry now because we can help you. Instead of lowering your bike, which can be pretty challenging, and you might need a mechanic to do that, you can wear motorcycle boots that can help raise your height. These motorcycle boots have an extra layer of soles that give you a little more height and enable your feet to touch the ground quite comfortably. Thus, you will not have to worry about controlling your motorcycle.

This article covers the best motorcycle boots for short riders. Keep riding to find the best match for yourself.

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Best Motorcycle Boots for Male Short Riders

Boots for male short riders are usually tough and tight, making them unsuitable for females. Also, these boots follow the latest trend of men’s fashion, so apart from increasing your heights and giving you comfort, these boots also give you a stylish look with your motorcycle.

Skecher Men’s Pilot Utility Boots

Skechers Men's Pilot Utility Boot

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • 100% leather
  • Thick lug traction sole
  • 1.25-inch heel sole height
  • Lightly padded footbed
  • Six-eye lacing system
  • Tonal laces stitching
  • Durable and comfortable
Our Recommendations

If you are looking for boots to provide comfort and extra height, this is an ideal choice. The Skecher Men’s Pilot Utility boots from the Skecher brand are made to look tough and provide you complete comfort.

This pair of boots has a working design, but it is lighter than it seems. It is made of 100% leather and has a thick lug traction sole. This material makes sure that the sole of the boots is rigid and does not get damaged easily. This sole also increases height as the heel height of these boots is about 1.25 inches.

Moreover, it has a lightly padded footbed that gives you the comfort you want during your rides on your motorcycle. You will not face any issues while shifting gears on your bike and will ride with ease. Furthermore, this ankle-high utility boot has a six-eye lacing system that features tonal stitching and a padded collar. This six-eye lacing system allows you to tie the laces of your shoes without any complexities. The tonal stitches are firm and durable and make sure that the laces do not get frayed.

Why Should You Buy This?

This boot is specifically manufactured for men, and women might not find it comforting to wear. It is best for everyday use and motorcycle riding.

O’Neal Men’s Rider Boot

O'Neal Men's Rider Boot

Key Features

  • Injection-molded plastic protective plates
  • Snap-lock adjustable four buckle closure system
  • Air mesh interior
  • Synthetic leather heat shield
  • It comes in all sizes
  • Very protective
  • Increases height
Our Recommendations

The second pair of boots on our list is the Best Selling boots in the market: O’Neal Men’s Rider boots. O’Neal brand is trendy for manufacturing products and accessories related to motorcycles.

This O’Neal pair of boots deliver excellent protection and performance due to the metal shank reinforcements paired with the injection-molded plastic protective plates. These plates do an excellent job of protecting your feet against heavy impacts and ensure safety.

These boots have a snap-lock adjustable four-buckle closure system that tightens the boots according to your foot size. In addition to that, it has an air mesh interior, generous heel support, and a cushioned insole. These elements of the boots provide extra comfort to your feet. While wearing these boots, you will never experience any pain in your heels.

Furthermore, the material used to make these boots is leather. It has a synthetic leather heat shield as well to prevent heat from damaging the boots. Another good thing about these boots is that they come in all sizes. From little kids to adults’ lengths, this pair of boots are made to fit the whole family.

However, there is one downside. The adult-sized boots are a bit heavy, weighing around 8 pounds. Thus, you may experience a little bit of strain on your feet. If you have a firm foot, though, you may not feel any pain.

Why Should You Buy This?

This pair of boots is excellent for motorcycle riders who travel long distances. It is best for people who can withstand the weight of these boots.

Timberland Men’s White Ledge Ankle Boot

Timberland Men's White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Key Features

  • Made from 100% leather material
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Waterproof
  • Rustproof
  • Speed lacing system
Our Recommendations

The Timberland Men’s White Ledge Ankle boots are also one the Best Sellers. Manufactured by Timberland, these boots are an excellent choice for short riders.

This pair of boots are made from 100% leather and is available in multiple colors. It has a rubber sole and a shaft that measures an estimated 4.75’’ from the arch. The rubber soles make sure that your feet are comfortable in these boots and also increase height.

In addition to that, these boots are waterproof with seam-sealed construction. This feature makes it a perfect choice for riders who travel in rainy conditions. It also has rustproof speed lace hardware with hooks at the top of the lace to secure the lacing. With this lacing system, you will never have to worry about the laces being damaged. You will also be able to easily tie your laces that will remain tied until you untie them.

Moreover, its features include a padded collar for additional comfort and a removable dual-density EVA footbed. This removable footbed lets you quickly change the footbed whenever required and gives you comfort in every step you take.

These boots are incredibly lightweight, weighing about 1.1 pounds. Thus, you will never feel any strain on your feet with these boots.

Why Should You Buy This?

You should consider purchasing this pair of boots if you prefer rainproof boots that do not get damaged easily. These boots offer extreme comfort and have an easy lacing system, making them ideal for everyday casual usage.

Best Motorcycle Boots for Female Short Riders

Below are boots for female short riders. Some of these boots are also unisex, so both men and women can wear them quite comfortably. While choosing these boots, I have kept in mind their quality, the comfort they provide, and how fashionable they are. And, of course, all these boots will ensure you an increased height.

O’Neal Unisex-Adult Rider Boots

O'Neal Unisex-Adult Rider Shorty Boot

Key Features

  • Unisex
  • Two-buckle closure system
  • Adjustable snap-lock
  • Injection-molded plastic plates
  • Metal shanks
  • Air mesh interior
Our Recommendations

The O’Neal Unisex-Adult Rider boots are another set of boots by the O’Neal brand. This one, though, is unisex, meaning it is suitable for both males and females.

These fantastic boots have a mesh interior lining that provides comfort to your feet. It also has an air mesh interior that allows a passage of air to flow through the boots. This ensures that your feet always feel comfortable in these boots.

Moreover, this pair of boots has a buckle closure so that you will not have to worry about the shoes opening up. The buckles are a two-buckle closure system. There is also an adjustable snap-lock that ensures that the fasteners stay in place and never open up.

Furthermore, like many other O’Neal boots, these boots have an injection-molded plastic plate that protects your feet against impacts. Your feet will always be safe in these boots. It has a metal shank that reinforces the boot’s shape and adds an extra layer of support to make this boot stronger.

The soles in these boots also increase height and make sure your feet contact the ground after being seated on your motorcycle.

When these boots arrive, you may feel them be a bit stiffer, though this stiffness wears off after a bit of usage. Also, they can be a tad bit heavy on your feet.

Why Should You Buy This?

You should buy this pair of boots if you prefer comfort for your feet. It is ideal for long-distance travel and uses in muddy or rainy conditions.

Harley-Davidson Women’s Tegan Ankle Boots


Key Features

  • 100% leather material
  • Stylish design
  • YKK locking zipper
  • Lightweight
  • Padded collars
Our Recommendations

If you are looking for stylish boots with your modern motorcycle, these boots are the best for you! The Harley-Davidson Tegan Ankle boots are specifically built for women. You do not have to be on your bike to show your love for these boots; you can also incorporate these boots into your everyday wardrobe.

These boots, like many others in this list, are made of 100% leather material. This material gives a stylish look to your shoes that you will adore. It has rubber soles that significantly increase your height. With these boots, you will never have to fret about riding a motorcycle that is big for you.

The heel measures 1.75’’, the shaft measures around 5.5’’ from the arch, the platform 0.5’’, and the boot opening is approximately 9’’ round. These dimensions make it an ideal choice for women who want to reach their feet to the ground or the shifting gears of the bike after they mount on their bike.

To lace up these boots, it features a YKK locking zipper with a single strap across the top of the boot. The YKK locking zipper makes lacing easier for you, while the belt beautifies your shoes and makes sure that the boot’s laces do not come off.

Its lightweight outsoles and padded collars offer you the comfort you deserve with these boots.

Why Should You Buy This?

You should consider buying these boots if you like stylish boots that offer comfort with every step. Apart from motorcycle riding, these boots are also perfect for everyday usage.

Dream Pairs Women’s Knee-High Motorcycle Riding Boots

DREAM PAIRS Women's Knee High Motorcycle Riding Winter Boots

Key Features

  • Latest designed, fashionable
  • Rubber sole
  • Rubber TPR outsole
  • Faux fur inner lining
  • Instep zipper lacing system
Our Recommendations

The Dream Pairs Women’s Motorcycle boots are available in many different colors. They are stylishly designed following the latest boots trend for women.

These boots have a rubber sole that increases your height. The outsole is rubber TPR, and there is a faux fur lining on the inside that provides you with comfort with every step you take. The heel has a height of approximately 1.25’’ that makes it ideal for short female riders riding their bike.

These motorcycle boots are knee-high and have an instep zipper for easy lacing. With these zippers, you will never have to worry about getting tangled with laces. These boots also feature a round toe with a slouch-style design that allows for easy movement. With these boots, you will never experience any pain on your toes.

The Dream Pairs Women’s Motorcycle boots are moderately weighted, weighing about 3 pounds. Hence, with these fashionable boots, you will always feel easy while riding your favorite bike.

Why Should You Buy This?

These are the best picks if you want boots to wear during your motorcycle rides and everyday use. These boots are an excellent choice if you have a taste for boots with the latest fashion trends.


Many people overlook the importance of wearing good-quality boots while riding their motorcycle. It is essential to ensure your safety, as, without these boots, you may have trouble controlling your bike, which can result in disastrous accidents. Anyways, the boots in this article are divided into two sections: one for women and one for men, to help you browse and find the best match for yourself easily. We hope you have finally found your desired Best Motorcycle Boots for Short Riders. You can always contact us if you have any trouble regarding the best match for yourself.

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