Is Riding a Kick Scooter Good Exercise?

Is Riding a Kick Scooter Good Exercise? (Ultimate Guide)

Kick scooters are a great way to get some exercise and have some fun at the same time. There is no doubt that riding a kick scooter can be a fun and productive way to get some exercise.

The short answer is that riding a kick scooter is good exercise, but you need to be aware of the risks. Kicking a scooter can be very hazardous if you’re not careful.

Kick scooters are essentially small motorcycles with front and rear wheels that allow them to move quickly on flat surfaces. While they’re not as dangerous as motorbikes, they can still pose a risk if ridden improperly. For example, kicking the scooter while you’re going full speed could cause it to flip over, putting you at risk of getting hurt.

Kick scooters are great for balancing out your workout. They’re a lot of fun and you can use them to commute to work or school. If you use them for exercise, you can burn up to 400 calories in an hour.

Is riding a kick scooter good exercise?

Kick scooters are designed to move quickly and easily, so they can be a great way to get some exercise. However, if you’re not careful, riding a kick scooter can lead to serious injury. For example, kicking a scooter can cause you to fall and injure your head or spine. In addition, kicking a scooter can also lead to muscle strain and other injuries.

If you’re considering riding a kick scooter for exercise, it’s important to remember the risks involved. Make sure you take precautions such as wearing helmets and appropriate clothing and avoid playing around near busy streets or roads. If in doubt about whether riding a kick scooter is safe for you, consult with your doctor or health care professional first.

What are The Benefits of Riding Kick Scooters?

Kick scooters are a great way to get some exercise and have some fun. They are easy to operate, making them perfect for beginners. They can be used indoors or outdoors, making them a versatile option for anyone.

The benefits of riding kick scooters include improved balance and coordination, improved cardiovascular fitness, increased energy and stamina, and fun. Kick scooters are also a great way to get around town if you don’t have a car.

Can you lose weight with a kick scooter?

A study found that scooting for up to 45 minutes can help you lose weight. On average, you can burn 350 calories in one hour, which is equivalent to around 1lb a week.

If you compare this to other activities, such as walking for 45 minutes (which only burns 149 calories), cycling (which burns 270 calories), and running (which burns 450 calories), it’s clear that scooting is one of the best exercises for weight loss.

It’s important to be aware of the calories you’re burning. Because kick scooters are not typically ridden at a fast pace. However, they are a form of transportation that is stationary, they can help you to lose weight by providing more physical activity than other forms of transportation. 


Is riding a scooter better than walking?

There are pros and cons to riding a scooter and walking, depending on your individual needs. Riding a scooter is often seen as being more fun and exercise-friendly, while walking can be more efficient in terms of getting you where you’re going. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the two activities have their own unique benefits and drawbacks. For example, riding a scooter can be more dangerous if you’re not properly trained because the kickboard can cause you to lose balance and fall off the device.

On the other hand, walking can be tiring if your destination is far away or if it’s hot outside. Ultimately, it’s essential to carefully consider what type of exercise will benefit you most before making any decisions.

Kick Scooter will help you burn calories

Riding a kick scooter can help you burn calories, helping you lose weight and stay healthy. Not only that, but kick scooters are also great for improving your balance and coordination.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, a kick scooter can be a great way to get some exercise in.

Scoot for mental health as well as physical health

If you want mental health kick scooters can be a great way to get exercise, both mentally and physically. Riding one can help improve your mood and help you stay healthy.

Riding a kick scooter has been shown to burn calories and boost your energy levels. It is also an easy way to get some exercise if you are not able to go on a bike or run outside.

Is a Scooter Faster Than Walking?

Kick scooters are a popular mode of transportation for people of all ages. They are generally considered to be a faster form of transportation than walking. However, this is not always the case. Depending on the size and weight of the person riding the scooter, it may or may not be faster than walking.

There are a few factors that can influence how quickly a person is able to travel on a kick scooter. These include weight, height, leg length, and stride length. Taller people will have an easier time riding kick scooters because their legs will extend further from their bodies when they stand up on the scooter pedal.

People with shorter strides may find that they must work harder to cover the same amount of ground as someone with a longer stride length because they have to take more steps per minute while riding a kick scooter compared to walking.

All things considered, it is important for anyone considering buying or using a kick scooter to make sure that it is comfortable for them and that their leg length and stride length correspond to the size and weight of the person they are riding with. Test out the scooter before buying it, so that you can find the perfect model for your needs.

Best kick scooters for exercise (Recommendation)

There are several kick scooters on the market that are perfect for those looking to get some exercise. Some of the best kick scooters for exercise include the Razor A5 and the LaScoota. These two specific models have professional scooters for ages 6+, Teens & adults with lightweight & big sturdy wheels. These scooters are easily foldable and specially designed for indoor & outdoor fun. It’s a great gift & toy for up to 220 lbs.

If you are looking for a kick scooter that is specifically designed for exercise, then either of these models would be a great choice. However, if you just want something to ride around on and have some fun with, there are many other options available as well.


If you are looking for a great way to exercise and have fun at the same time, then you should consider purchasing a kick scooter. Kick scooters are a great way to get around and don’t require much space.

If you aren’t familiar with kick scooters, then you might be wondering what they are and how they work. That is why we put together this blog. We discuss everything you need to know about kick scooters so you can determine if they are right for you.

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