How Fast Does a Razor Electric Scooter Go?

Razor USA LLC, going commonly by the name Razor, is the best designer and manufacturer of many scooters and bicycles. It is an intuitively known brand that never disappoints its customers. Razor scooters are fun and secure to ride for everyone, from children aged over 8 to adults.

Razor electric scooters are eco-friendly and produce less air pollution. If you are a customer wondering how fast do razor electrical scooters go, you are at the place as we are about to discuss their speed.

How to Use a Razor Electrical Sooter

The first thing you should know before riding or using an electric scooter is about its charge. You must have a fully charged electric scooter to hop on. Next, you have to flip on the ON/OFF button and flip up the kickstand.

Then, you will have to stand on the deck and kick start it while engaging the throttle located on the handlebar. After riding a short distance, the motor will activate and you can ride the scooter for 40 minutes continuously.

Speed of Razor Electric Scooters

The speed of razor electric scooters varies with different designs and models. The following are different razor electrical scooters mentioned with their speed.

  • Razor E100 electric scooter has a speed of up to 10 mph or 16 km/h
  • Razor E200 electric scooter has a speed of up to 12 mph or 19 km/h
  • Razor E300 electric scooter has a speed of up to 15 mph or 24 km/h

The minimum speed of common Razor Electric Scooters is 7mph, whereas the maximum speed is about 12 miles per hour.

Factors Affecting Speed of Scooter

While riding a razor electric scooter, there are a few factors that affect the speed of the scooter. The first one is the motor. All electric scooters have different battery-operated motors, which perform an extra role in riding with speed.

Secondly, each model has a different speed range and limitation. For example, an electric scooter that is designed for children has less speed. On the other hand, an advanced scooter, built for adults, has a greater speed range.

How Fast Should a Child Ride an Electric Scooter

For children of ages 8 and above, parents should always keep a check while they ride their scooters. If the maximum speed for a kid’s scooter is 10 mph, they don’t need to ride it at the maximum speed. They should follow precautionary measures and be aware of their surroundings. It is recommended that they ride their electric scooters at a pace of 5 to 7 miles per hour.

How Fast Should an Adult Ride an Electric Scooter

As adults tend to have a good talent for quick decision-making and are more accomplished at riding electric scooters, even at high speeds. Therefore, they can ride at a greater speed, but they must also follow cautionary measures to ensure their complete safety.


Razor electrical scooters are favorites among many youngsters for their varying speed limits. They also include cool graphics to enthuse kids for new tricks and stunts. High speed is good and fun, but safety should be prioritized. Therefore, while riding an electrical scooter you should be wearing all your safety gear including a helmet, gloves, jacket, and many other things for safety. Lastly, have fun riding your electric scooter!

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