How Does a Semi-Automatic Dirt Bike Work?

Before riding a semi-automatic dirt bike, you must know its features and how does it work. While reading this article, it may seem tricky to you, but all you must do is analyze the article carefully and enjoy the thrill of your adventure. Riding a semi-automatic dirt bike is the same as riding a scooter.

Semi-automatic dirt bikes are manufactured with splendid features and functions. A Semi-automatic Dirt Bike is neither a fully automatic dirt bike nor a fully manual dirt bike. In a semi-automatic dirt bike, you will have to shift gears yourself by pressing the gear shifter, but you will require a clutch. Let’s first discuss, in detail, how to start a semi-automatic dirt bike.

How To Start a Semi-automatic Dirt Bike

Before starting your semi-automatic dirt bike, you must check and turn the ON switch to the ON position by pressing it downwards. Secondly, you must turn the petrol tap to the ON position. Then make sure the gear is on neutral gear.

Start your dirt bike by pressing and holding the front brake, which is commonly present on the right side of the bike, and open the kick start. Put your foot on the kick start and kick till the dirt bike starts. While kicking, you may need to twist the throttle a little bit.

How To Shift Gears in Semi-automatic Dirt Bike

Now, after learning how to start your semi-automatic dirt bike, it’s time to learn how to shift gears in a semiautomatic dirt bike. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1:

After starting the bike, give it a little gas and keep it in the first gear.

Step 2:

Press the pedal on the front to your left side with your toe to shift into the second gear.

Step 3:

Let up the gas and press the pedal again to shift into the third gear.

Step 4:

Repeat the process to shift into the fifth gear.

Step 5:

You can change the gear from higher to lower as well by pressing the pedal with the heel.

This method is quite easy and is often used by beginners.

Absence Of Clutch in a Semi-automatic Dirt Bike

It is a common misbelief that a semiautomatic dirt bike does not include clutches. The truth is that it does have clutches. A pair of clutches are present in a semi-automatic dirt bike, but the rider is not allowed to interfere with its working.

This pair of clutches is present only for emergencies. They can also be used for running the dirt bike smoothly providing better grips. They ensure the better and smooth shifting of the gears, avoiding any damages to the engine of the dirt bike. This is why this type of dirt bike is called a semi-automatic dirt bike as a clutch isn’t required here.

Speed Of a Semi-automatic Dirt Bike

A semi-automatic dirt bike is equipped with an air-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder 110cc engine with front and rear hydraulic disk brakes. These specifications and the engine type define the speed of a semi-automatic dirt bike to be around 45 miles per hour.


Nowadays, the dirt bike industries manufacture the latest and advanced featured semi-automatic dirt bikes. These dirt bikes provide better control, good fuel efficiency and are easier to ride also when you learn their basics. I hope and I am pretty sure that after reading this article, you will have all your doubts cleared about semi-automatic dirt bikes. Have a fun riding experience!

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