Best ATV Tires for Plowing Snow

10 Best ATV Tires for Plowing Snow (Top pick)

There are few things more enjoyable than riding around on your ATV during the winter. But your ATV’s tires can make or break your experience. This is why it’s important to choose the best ATV tires for plowing snow, because if you don’t, you’ll have a rough time riding around, and no fun at all getting stuck in the snow.

If you live in a place where winter lasts until April, you know how stressful it is to have to clear the snow from your driveway with a shovel. It can cause a lot of backaches and it is not a lot of fun either. This is when you need the right tires for your ATV so you can plow through the snow as if it was not even there.

What Is an ATV Snow Tire?

ATV snow tires include rubber compositions that retain their flexibility at lower temperatures. Because the softer rubber of ATV snow tires bends over terrain imperfections and obstructions, they give increased grip on ice and on cold, dry roads and trails.

Why is it necessary to obtain the greatest ATV snow tires?

Regular ATV tires perform admirably in all critical weather conditions. However, bigger tires aid in achieving that superior glide, ensuring that you do not appear foolish on snow. The issue arises when moist or even new snow is present. Therefore, if you live in an area that occasionally receives significant snowfall, you should invest in ATV tires equipped with snowmobiles and tracks. Never make a mistake with this. Traction is critical in this situation if you want to complete the task at hand without sacrificing the enjoyable experience.

How to choose the finest ATV snow tires

Seasons alter from year to year. As a result, it is prudent to be well prepared for any seasonal changing issues. With Winter’s dropping tree leaves, it’s important to stay afloat. Numerous tires are often adaptable to a variety of climates, including wet, muddy, and even dry seasons. Nonetheless, with snow piling up to knee-deep, there is no way out.

You must have the greatest ATV winter tires. This way, you’ll get the most out of the season while still being able to work if necessary. When riding your ATV during the commencement of seasonal snowfall, going uphill may not seem frightening at first. However, significant snowfalls will eventually require you to have the optimal tire set. That being stated, there are several aspects to consider while shopping for the finest ATV snow tires.


All ATV tires will eventually decide their ply rating. They are typically between two and six-ply. Thus, the higher the ply count, the stronger the tires. As a result, you’ll benefit from increased aggressiveness and traction in deep snow situations.

If you’re looking for the greatest ATV snow tires, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Our buying guide contains thorough information on how to choose the best option, which we compiled after poring over many ATV snow tire reviews.

1- Interco Swamp Lite 6 Ply 27-9.00-12 ATV Tire

Interco’s aggressive ATV tire is ideal for riders that are solely concerned with handling and response. Numerous ATV riders have already expressed their admiration for the way this tire performs on a variety of terrains. The swamp light’s responsiveness during fast riding is enhanced by the improved v forward tread pattern with vertical center lugs. The robust structure contributes outstanding high-speed stability to the equation. Additionally, this combination of design decisions makes the Interco Swamp lite useable in snow. This is one of the few all-terrain tires that is capable of operating in both packed and unpacked snow.


Swamp light is super responsive during fast riding

Works both on packed and unpacked snow

Handle various surfaces



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2- Carlisle AT489 All-Season Bias Tire – 25/10-12 84B

Carlisle’s all-terrain tire is one of many users’ favorites. The tire is reasonably priced and provides outstanding performance throughout. Carlisle at489’s commerce is not as extensive as that of other all-terrain or mud tires. This implies that the tire will struggle in mud. That is true only in the event of really deep mud. The tires work admirably in mild Mud, allowing the rider with sufficient traction and grip for vigorous riding. Additionally, the Carlisle at489 operates admirably in the snow. While it lacks huge, deep lugs for digging, it nevertheless has deep enough lugs to dig into the snow.


Isn’t overly expensive

Performs great in snow

Good traction and grip for spirited riding


Poor performance in mud

Lacks the large and deep lugs for digging

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3- ITP Mud Lite II All-Terrain ATV Radial Tire – 25×10-12

Although the ITP Mud Lite II is not a true snow tire, it provides adequate traction for an enjoyable ride in harsh circumstances. This is currently one of the most well-rounded ATV tires available. Apart from its superior performance on track and dirt, it also performs well in snow. This is particularly true with compacted snow. Traction is marginally worse on unpacked snow, although this is true of the majority of all-terrain tires, we tested. Additionally, you should not anticipate much traction on ice. However, the ITP Mud Lite II is one of the best all-terrain ATV snow tires on the market.


One of the best all-terrain ATV snow tires

The most well-rounded ATV tires

Excellent performance on trail, mud, and snow.


Poor traction on unpacked snow and ice

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4- Maxxis Snow 2 Ply 22-10.00-9 M910 ATV Tire

Maxxis is a well-known manufacturer of ATV tires. Naturally, they are one of the few manufacturers that produce suitable winter ATV tires, the Maxxis 4 snow. Typically, one of the best ATV tires for snow, this Maxxis master class will improve any ATV rider’s winter driving experience. With a set of these tires mounted on your ATV, it becomes a true snowmobile.

Unlike many other ATV models, the 4 snow is made entirely of a soft thread combination that remains supple and flexible in freezing temperatures, which is critical. A soft rubber adheres better to all surfaces, boosting grip and traction. Having said that, the 4-Snow is ineffective on hard-packed ground and mud. Additionally, the soft compound will wear significantly more quickly during the hotter months, despite the tire’s overall strong design.


Stays pliable and flexible in freezing conditions

Improved grip and traction


Poor performance in hot weather

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5- Kenda K584 Snow Mad – 22 x 10R9

The Kenda K584 snow mad tires are a direct rival to the Maxxis snow tires and are currently the only ones available. The Kenda performed admirably in winter testing regardless of the surface. As with its primary rival, the snow mad is constructed of a soft rubber composition that is meant to withstand extremely low temperatures. This significantly enhances grip and traction in freezing temperatures, as well as the tire’s drivability. The Kenda snow mad operates admirably on ice due to the malleable tread composition. Due to the unusual tire compound, the K584 also performs well in slush.


Improve grip and traction in freezing conditions

Designed for very low temperatures.

Performs fantastically on ice

Works well in slush


Not good for warm conditions

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6- Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire – 25X8.00-12

As its name says, it can grasp most tracks, including icy ones, with the fury of a bear. That is self-evident upon first glance. The aggressive tread design with widely spaced lugs provides great cleanout, which is critical while riding in mud and snow. Additionally, it is built to handle significant damage in off-road situations, with a bias-ply structure and a 6-ply rating for superior puncture resistance.

The Kenda Bearclaw K299 delivers exceptional grip in practically any off-road situation thanks to the angled knobs, while the central lugs enable surprisingly fine steering control. The aggressive tread pattern excels in extreme circumstances such as mud and sand, while the rubber composition suited for freezing temperatures gives the necessary traction in snow.


Built to handle significant damage in off-road situations

Excels in extreme circumstances such as mud and sand

Suited for freezing temperatures


Not available in many sizes

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7- Sedona Coyote 27-9.00-12 Front/Rear 6 Ply ATV Tire

The Sedona Coyote resembles an all-terrain truck tire, and its design contributes to its extremely outstanding snow performance. One of its distinguishing features is its sipped tread lugs, which allow the blocks to stretch out under load and discharge water from beneath the tire – rather handy while cruising on the ice.

The tire lugs include jagged forms with numerous biting edges that help the Sedona Coyote to easily “shovel” its way through the snow, while the integrated tread lugs add even more grip in extremely thick snow. While they are all-terrain tires, they are also some of the best ATV snow tires available.


Excellent grip in extremely thick snow

Suited for freezing temperatures



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8- System 3 Off-Road 28 x 12-14 System 3 Offroad SS360 Sand/Snow Bias Rear Tire

When shopping for ATV snow tires, seek characteristics such as a lightweight two-ply carcass and minimal rolling resistance. A tire with an interlocking tread pattern that provides excellent handling, cornering grip, and strong acceleration traction. One that excels in the snow and is as adept in the sand. That is what the System 3 Off-Road SS360 Snow Tires deliver. The two-ply carcass provides outstanding flotation to keep you on top of the fluff, whether it’s snow or sand, and its lightweight design avoids power loss on small-bore ATV and UTV engines. Additionally, these UTV snow tires are available in bigger diameters to accommodate today’s high-horsepower models.


Outstanding flotation to keep you on top of the fluff

Its lightweight design avoids power loss

Strong acceleration traction



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9- Sunf Power I ATV/UTV All-Terrain Tire

This all-terrain sunf tire is well-made to handle your icy routes. Its front end is essentially 269-12, whereas the back end is often 2611-12. As a result, the two fronts are little, while the two rears are slightly larger. Sunf’s angled directed knobs are designed to enhance the performance of tires in a variety of environments, including rock, mud, desert, and snow. You can rely on it since it is robust and long-lasting. You will not believe its magnificence. It is extremely adaptable and may be used with any sort of vehicle, including lawnmowers, golf carts, go-karts, utility vehicles, and, of course, ATVs. 

Additionally, the six plying rates and ultimate resistance to dents and puncture are relevant considerations for Sunf tires. The lugs on its tires are deep and wide, helping you to maintain control and get a greater grip on the road with little to no sliding. Excess inner wall knobs safeguard it against harm.


Strong traction

They are very versatile

They work great on all terrain

Cheap in price


They are ineffective in adverse weather conditions such as thick muck.

They do not include the rims.

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10- FOUR 26×9-12 26×11-12 KT MASSFX big TIRE SET FOUR ATV TIRES SIX PLY 26″ horn

As we reach completion, we have the four MASSFX Big sets, which have been handpicked from the highest-quality materials available from MASSFx Company. What’s intriguing about them is how extended their warranty durations are. These tires include many directional threads and bit lugs that provide outstanding traction.

When riding, these tires also ensure excellent handling and control. With a six-ply rating, you may reasonably expect to use it on any terrain, even in deep snow conditions. Customers appreciate this tire since the producers placed a premium on the sidewalls of the tires.

This was done to increase resistance while also making it unrivaled in terms of puncture resistance. ATV fans may rely on it to carry enough air for an extended period of time. Whenever and whenever, however, you may ride on them completely certain that they will protect both you and the driver. Additionally, its pressure handling capacity is sufficient.


Is supported by a warranty in the event of normal wear and tear.

Concentrate on effective sidewall protection

Excellent Grip

Numerous threads running in different directions

The lug designation results in excellent braking performance.


Tires with a strong structure

At high speeds, it has a tendency to get unsteady.

Occasionally unfavorable because of nasty dirt and excessive snowfall

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