New Trends In Automotive Cars, Trucks And Suvs

If you’re like me, you’re starting to notice some of the new cars coming out. Believe me, I’m not a car junkie who reads Automotive Digest. Who reads those things besides car geeks?

Me? I’m your average consumer who needs basic transportation. But I love style. Gosh, who can afford a Benz right? A friend of mine looked at a certified pre-owned Benz but even that was $42k. Ouch. Although last week I noticed the new Lexus is coming out soon. Everyone knows Lexus is the upscale brand owned by Toyota; so you’re getting that high-quality without the shocking sticker price.

What’s pretty funny is if you drive into any car dealership these days, you’re going to notice a new trend. Sure they have plenty of cars and trucks, but I discovered a pretty amazing thing they do now. Let’s say you want 2015 Mercury Milan in blue metallic. If you see them around town, you’ll notice almost all of them are silver.

Blue metallic is hard to get. But this super nice dealership just down the street from my office offers a new process; they have set up something called dealer trades. I live in northwest Chicago; let me tell you right off the bat, there are zero blue metallic Milans within 40 miles of my condo.

But now they can do a dealer trade with dealerships as far away as 400 miles. They bring something they can’t sell that another dealer wants. For example, here in Chicago the Ford 500 isn’t selling as well. So they’ll drive a 500 and then pick up my blue metallic Milan and bring it on back for me to test drive. Plus, you don’t have to wait weeks. The last time I did it was only one day and I was jamming down the highway test driving my heart out.

We’ve all heard about made to order shopping; if you haven’t try going online. Many big box retailers no longer stock as much inventory in the stores. Instead, they get you to order your stuff and they ship it to the store near you in the next few days.

Believe me I love driving a classy car, especially with all the options. Last summer we had an epic heat wave here in Chicago; my air conditioning was on for six weeks straight. But remember, you do pay more for gas when your air is on forever so just keep an eye on your gas gauge.